Making an appointment, as well as all the informations, you can get by phone:

  •       (+381 18) 4520-360
  •       (+381 18) 4520-361
  •              (+381 18) 4520-362 and
  •  Fax (+381 18) 4520-680.

You can make an appointment in our clinic by phone. You can also leave your address, if you would like our medical service to come to you at your appartment or workplace, and do the examination there.
We work every day, except Sunday, weekdays from 08.00 untill 20.00h, Saturday from 08.00 until 15.00h.
You can also contact us via our e-mail address:
We are located in the wider centre of Nis. Our address is:  Zelengorska 27a st. (see map below)